††††††††††† Now there is a strange title for a Christian article. But, think about it. It wasnít the church that brought people to church after 9/11; it was the evil of the world. Itís not the ministry of the church in the world, but the world itself that causes people to seek something more pleasant and fun. What the church is supposed to do is offer people what they are looking for, happiness, right? WRONG!! But this is what the church is doing, offering them compatibility and friendliness. Meetings with talks about God from the pulpit by a friendly Pastor who keeps everything organized through leadership he learned in seminary is the central format of the church. His staff offers manycommittees for all manner of activities. It doesnít matter what a personís likes might be, there is something for everyone. The children are kept happy with planned activities and trips for them; the seniors are kept busy with shopping sprees or luncheons. Everybody is kept happy and busy as their offerings are used to advance the various programmed activities and the creation of others. The working age people are provided seminars or discipleship classes where they learn about the pitfalls of parenthood, or how to be a good father. Other lessons are on how to deal with stubborn habits or how to plan your savings portfolio, also how to tithe while living on your budget. The list of helps is really amazing.

††††††††††† An interesting thing to notice is that in all these programs, trips and discipleship classes there is a fee to pay. Somehow the tithe doesnít seem to be enough to cover these add-on activities. But the world out there is no different. Anything a person wishes to have or do costs money. But church activities are cheaper than the worldís fees. So the church is ahead of the game and is able to compete with the world very handily, and in so doing can expect quite a nice number of people, especially if they are looking for happy, friendly folks. Take for instance weekly suppers. For just a few dollars you can have a fine, all you can eat meal with drink and desert. People on the average donít eat a main meal out more than once a week, so this fits the pattern nicely. Memberís friends are invited so that there is someone close to chat with during the meal, and of course they also get to meet the Pastor who will invite them to the worship service, and tell them about the fine band and electronic system the church has for the sing-along choruses led by the praise team.

††††††††††† Again, the world cannot compete with the concert like worship that the church provides, and it is free except for the offerings and tithes. Where can you go in the world every week to an air conditioned auditorium not only to hear concert quality music with the option of singing along with the performers, and have the children watched, too? The world cannot match this for the money.

††††††††††† Another thing. If you end up in the hospital, a neighborhood leader will come to visit you and send you get well cards. And if the sickness is serious, one of the Pastors will visit and pray for you. Where in the world can you find that kind of personal service at no added cost?

††††††††††† Yes, the church is a great competitor of the world, and by comparison the world is money grubbing and uncaring. Because of the harshness of the world, people gravitate to churches when they find out that they no longer have to dress like church people used to dress, and when they learn of all the benefits that are included in church attendance. Occasional parties are a plus, especially for the children who are picked up by one of the church vans. Mom also has free time on these occasions. Another thing to notice. It doesnít much matter these days which church you attend; they all have about the same benefits. No doubt about it, most folks will choose church because the world wants more for their services, and cannot provide a lot of the activities as does the church.

††††††††††† There remains only two questions: Where is Jesus Christ in all these world beater churches? Also, are any souls being saved and filled with the Spirit of God, and not that of the world?


Way Truth Life Ministry†† 8-1-2002†††