From the beginning, in the Garden, and before when Lucifer, the “enlightened one” rebelled against God with a third of the angels, Satan has been busy with his devices and schemes to dethrone God. Though he is not able to approach Jehovah, God, he is able to attack God’s image, God’s only begotten, Jesus, and especially those who are born of God now and through the ages.  Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” (2 Timothy 3:12 AV)

            To list all the times Satan has tried and failed to defeat God would be repetitious since these are well known facts of the Bible’s truths. The works of Satan that are particularly seductive and prevail today are the works that need to be reviewed and dealt with. Though we have many warnings from Jesus and His Apostles, we are still in the dark about much of what is going on today, not just in the churches, but also in the world.

            I am particularly impressed as I write this to remember what Jesus told the Money Changers when he cleansed the Temple, “And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise.” (John 2:16 AV) The Temple treasury was being filled with money gained in the evil practice of shortchanging the worshippers as they converted secular money into Temple currency. In addition, they were charging exorbitant prices for the pilgrims’ sin sacrifices of doves. Also, Jesus was angry at the fact that these transactions were taking place within the Temple, God’s House of Prayer.

            We can see Satan in the midst of these evil doings. If we consider the fact that Jesus would one day not long after this, become the only true sacrifice for sin that the world would ever have from that day forward, we can imagine that He would not want His body and blood treated in a similar manner to what was taking place in that Temple on that day. Yet, we do not need to look very far to see it happening right before our eyes. In many so-called Christian churches the modern worship of Christ is used as a drawing card to fill the pews and the offering plates for the on-going work of enhancing today’s “Temples” so that their beauty will be the motivation for more money changing.

            Couple this abomination with the money raising that goes on in the world and in churches regarding the flood of new “Bibles” and related teaching materials. What Satan has done with this situation is mind boggling. The old standards have been cast away in preference to Christ bashing New Age materials. If Satan could not destroy Jesus in the flesh, he would destroy His Word. Since Jesus is the living Word, to destroy the Word is to effectively destroy Him. Satan may be well pleased with what he is doing, but Jesus in not a loser, He said that His Word would never pass away, so in these last days of Satan’s efforts for victory, Satan has destroyed himself by creating a man-written substitute for God’s Word, revealing clearly the True Word of God.

            As Satan has through the ages caused many souls to be condemned to Hell, he is trying again by putting Jesus down through lies to deceive many more today. Will you be one of the losers? Or will you seek the truth that sets men free? Repent of your old ways of sin; give your life to Him for your rebirth and accept Jesus Christ today as your personal, victorious savior. His love and truth will keep you forever in the right way and in life eternal. Don’t let Satan take your life away from you as he has so many in the past and is so doing today. Jesus came so that you do not need to die a horrible spiritual death, but to be raised on the last day to live in God’s Heaven forever with Him.

Way Truth Life Ministry    December 1, 2002