The constant training, teaching and persuasions that are preached and displayed to us from youth to grave by those who would coerce the naďve into subjection of will and morals for the sake of compliance and religious restraint are the purest of enemies and the keenest of demons. Hell awaits with open arms those who have seduced themselves to the treachery of the religious soul seekers. You have become part of their evil number when you have given your life over to the bondage of a robotic, cloned personality.

            This whole evil is not restricted to the openly idolatrous religions, but includes most especially those who preach pure living through legalistic dogma. The cloning of the child into predetermined correct ways of life and living brings him or her to the face of a stone wall that cannot be fathomed by them as they move along the corridors of the truth of life. The demand for compliance by the practical world is a dilemma to them. To maintain two demanding standards is not practicable. Someone once stated that “He is so spiritually minded that he is no earthly good”. There is a lot of truth in this statement. But is there a solution to the problem? Yes, indeed! Purity must be set aside as a teaching goal.

            If we are not to teach purity as our goal, what should be the alternative? The alternative is what was taught generations ago. “Take heed lest ye find yourself cast into the bowels of Hell”.  “Take heed that God not be offended by your ways and thoughts.” Not, “Be careful that you not break the rules.” We are to bring up children in the way they should go, but what is the “way”? It is the way of righteousness. Not every way we call correct is right.

            If you are on your way to Hell by working your way to Heaven, don’t coerce the young to go with you. Your penalties may be twice what they would have been. There has never been a man or woman who will occupy Heaven by having been trained to be good. Only the yawning of the bowels of Hell will provide the deterrent necessary to bring a man around to the truth that without repentance he is bound for Hell. Aiming our soul toward Heaven does not get us there. What does then? The righteousness that comes from God, only available to the redeemed, those washed in the blood of Christ. The way the child should go is the way of the cross of Christ. That way is found not through being good, but by hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s good news to us.

            It may seem contrary, but there is no “good news” without the knowledge of “bad news”. The bad news is knowing that without perfection and the holiness of God, a person is bound for a horrible burning Hell prepared for Satan and his devils. This bad news is too often played down and not expounded to youngsters or seekers. There are descriptions of Hell in God’s Word that will help us know our end without Christ. Why are they not taught? Because Satan does not want it taught, but why do the churches not teach it? Surely they know the importance of this teaching. Yes they do, but the unbelievers do not want to hear about the torments of Hell, so to please them and keep peace in the fellowship it is not taught. So, no bad news, no good news, no Gospel, and no salvation.

            God’s Comforter is the Spirit of Truth, His Holy Ghost. Satan’s comforter is the lie, of which he is the father. Those who belong to Satan desire his comfort, the lie. If the truth of Hell is brought into the church there is a terrible cry of horror, a cry of “remove that word, that word will harm the little ones.” It isn’t the little ones that concerns them, it is their own lost condition that frightens them, the very thing they need to hear along with the preaching of Christ’s saving Gospel. This is the deterrent to purity of heart that will consign multitudes to a burning Hell.


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